University Policies

Maintaining a Safe and Successful Community

Students are expected to follow all University of Missouri System Collected Rules and Regulations and to uphold the Standard of Conduct for the University of Missouri, which outlines expected behaviors. If found responsible, students may be issued sanctions that range from a warning to suspension or expulsion. A student enrolling in the university also assumes an obligation to behave in a manner compatible with the university’s function as an educational institution.

Standard of Conduct

Safety, Health and Wellness

MU Emergency and Operations Plan
MU Immunizations Requirements
Alcoholic Beverages (CRR 110.050)
Drug-Free School & Work Place Notice

Campus Buildings and Property

Missouri Student Unions
Illuminated Devices on Campus (BPPM 6:051)
Sound Amplification Devices (BPPM 6:052)
Posting and Distributing Materials on Campus (BPPM 6:054)
Chalking on Campus (BPPM 6:056)
Camping on Campus (BPPM 6:095)
Use of University Property and Equipment (BPPM 6:060)
Access to Locked Buildings (BPPM 6:130)
Policy on Bicycles, Skates, other Recreational Wheels, Skateboards and Hover boards

Technology Policies

Digital Accessibility of Communications and Information Technology (BPPM 13:010)
Digital Millennium Copyright Act

University of Missouri Information