Student Support Specialist

The student support specialist provides a variety of services to assist you throughout the conduct process:

  • Prepare you for hearings, ensuring you understand your rights and responsibilities in the process.
  • Assist you in creating action plans for successful completion of sanctions.
  • Meet with you when you have been sanctioned to the Pathways program. The goal of these meetings is to identify any possible obstacles to success and connect you with the appropriate resources. Through this program, you and the student support specialist will discuss setting goals, time management, any other Mizzou requirements that need to be completed, and help you create a personalized strategy to continue on your path to success at Mizzou and beyond.
  • Meet with you when you have been sanctioned to the Navigate program. Through this program, the student support specialist will lead you through a curriculum designed to incorporate your values and goals into a personal mission statement. At the end of this program, our hope is that you are able to better articulate your goals and values, as well as being able to reflect on your priorities in relation to those goals and values

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