Student Legal Education

The Student Legal Education program provides legal education and legal consultation to students on the Mizzou campus. Our mission is to help you learn how to resolve any legal conflicts and disputes currently interfering with your goals, as well as how to apply this learning throughout your life.

Legal consultations

Half-hour individual consultations with a licensed attorney are available to all Mizzou students who have paid activity fees. In accord with these rules, all information shared in consultation with a legal educator are held in strictest confidence.  Reasons you would meet with the legal educator:

  • Municipal Court Citations
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Family Law /Ex Parte/Order of Protections
  • Legal Documentation

Legal representation

We do not represent clients in communications or negotiations or go to court to litigate for them. In contrast, we focus on student learning while providing legal service at all times consistent with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Missouri Bar Association.

Cost for Service

Students pay a $25 dollar fee for a legal education consultation.  Missouri Students Association (MSA) and Graduate and Professional Council (GPC) provide additional funds to offset the cost of this program.

Schedule a meeting

Please follow the steps below to schedule your meeting:

  1. Call 573-882-5543 and ask to set up an appointment with the legal educator.
  2. You will be given directions on how to make your payment.
  3. Payments must be made 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  4. Once your meeting is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email.

Payment information

To make your $25 payment:

  • Print and fill out this form and bring it with your payment to:
    • 2507D MU Student Center – Monday-Friday between 10am-12pm and 12:30pm-2:30pm
    • 0520-I  Defoe Graham – Monday-Friday between 8am-4:45pm
  • After payment has been made, please email a copy of your receipt to  Please keep it for your records.
  • Please arrive to your appointment at least 10 minutes early.
Student Legal Education Payment Form