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Care Coordinator

Helping Mizzou Students Overcome Challenges

It’s not uncommon to experience difficult times during your college experience, either due to academic or personal reasons.

The care coordinator is here to help you face challenges and to support you throughout your time at Mizzou, so you can achieve your academic, personal and professional goals.

How we can help you?

Our aim is to support you when you need it and empower you to take action and advocate on your own behalf. We will collaborate with you to identify your immediate needs, provide appropriate resources and partner with you to develop an action plan. We help you:

  • Identify areas that are causing distress in your life
  • Explore your concerns about your physical or mental health
  • Notify your college when you are unable to attend class
  • Return from hospitalization or other medical treatment
  • Communicate with faculty and staff
  • Find appropriate resources on campus or within the community
  • Learn to manage your academic, personal and fiscal responsibilities
  • Work out conflicts and disagreements with roommates or landlords
  • Meet with you and follow-up as long as you need it

Contact Care Coordinator

Refer a Student

The best interests of the entire Mizzou community lie in helping students succeed. When students are struggling, we want to intervene as soon as possible, before their difficulties become bigger.

If you are a member of MU faculty or staff who’s concerned about a Mizzou student, the care coordinator can provide you with consultation and resources that will help. You also can refer students to the care coordinator using this form.

Refer a Student

When to refer

There are many reasons why you might want to refer a student to the care coordinator. Some common instances of concern are:

  • Repeated absences
  • Decline in academic performance, low grades
  • Disruptive behavior or disturbing conduct
  • Shift in mood
  • Changes in personal hygiene, appearance
  • Communication (assignments, emails, online) that is concerning
  • Unable to contact student
  • Relationship issues
  • Loss of family member or friend
  • Mental health concerns
  • Physical health concerns

In addition to the care coordinator, Mizzou has many other resources to help members of the campus community. See also the MU Guide to Assisting Students in Distress (PDF).

About Case Management

The care coordinator uses case management to support and empower students. This is a collaborative process that helps students evaluate their options. The care coordinator also works with other campus departments and offices to facilitate communication.


  • Remove barriers to your success
  • Solve problems and manage distress
  • Strengthen support systems and self-advocacy skills

After referral

The care coordinator will discretely gather information by reaching out to the student and determine which types of services might be best. This might include connecting the student to resources or engaging the student in ongoing case management services.


Information shared with the case manager does not fall under the same confidentiality levels of a health care provider or therapist/psychologist. Every effort is made to ensure privacy, and information only is shared on a need-to-know basis. The care coordinator can refer students to a confidential provider. Signed releases of information are often used.


To refer yourself or another student, or for additional information or consultation, please contact:

Nicole Logue
Care Coordinator