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Students and parents posing with Truman the Tiger

Parents and guardians serve as vital partners in the development of students. As such, you may have questions about the conduct process at the University of Missouri. The following resources offer more information about the University of Missouri student conduct policies and procedures.

FERPA and Parental Notification

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of all students’ educational records. Due to this privacy protection, the Office of Student Accountability & Support cannot give out information about a student’s disciplinary record, even to parents who are paying their child’s tuition, unless that student has completed a release of information form. A signed FERPA form must be submitted by the student to the Office of Student Conduct in order to release information from the student’s disciplinary records.

Under the University of Missouri System Collected Rules and Regulation 180.025 Parental Notification of Alcohol and Controlled Substances Violations the University may notify, under certain conditions, only the parent(s) or legal guardian (s) that a violation has occurred, it will not discuss the violation with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) without the student’s written consent.

Standard of Conduct, Conduct Process, and Sanctions

The Standard of Conduct outlines behaviors and actions for which students, if found responsible, can be issued sanctions ranging from a warning to suspension or expulsion. The purpose of the Standard of Conduct is to maintain a safe campus community, one where students can learn and be successful. As parents you can help guide your student through the conduct process and be supportive while holding the student accountable to your expectation and the university’s.

Forms and FAQ’s

Access commonly used forms and for more information regarding questions you may have, please read the Parents FAQ’s.