Refer a Student

The best interests of the entire Mizzou community are in helping students succeed. When students are struggling, we want to intervene as soon as possible, before their difficulties become bigger.

If you are a member of MU faculty, staff or parent who’s concerned about a Mizzou student, the Care Coordinator can provide you with a consultation and resources that will help.

In addition to the Care Coordinator, Mizzou has many other resources to help members of the campus community. See also the MU Guide to Assisting Students in Distress.


Information shared with the case manager does not fall under the same confidentiality levels of a health care provider or therapist/psychologist. Every effort is made to ensure privacy, and information only is shared on a need-to-know basis. The Care Coordinator can refer students to a confidential provider. Signed releases of information are often used.

Refer a Student