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FAQs – Students

Why do I have a Student Judicial hold on my account?
Do I need to hire an attorney?
What happens if I don't make an appointment or skip my appointment?
This incident happened off campus. Why is the university involved?
How are sanctions decided?
What does it mean for a student to be placed on disciplinary probation?
How can I appeal a decision made by Office of Student Accountability & Support?
How long does a violation stay on my record, and what effect—if any—does this have on applying for jobs or a graduate/professional school?
I was charged criminally. Why go through the University process too?
Isn't the student conduct process double jeopardy for someone also facing criminal charges?
What is the burden of proof in the student conduct process?
Why am I not being afforded the same protections that he or she would receive in the criminal process?
What is the judicial processing fee?